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Be Supportive: GR8 People Offers Free Virtual Recruiting Event Management Solution in Response to Coronavirus

Be Supportive: GR8 People Offers Free Virtual Recruiting Event Management Solution in Response to Coronavirus

GR8 People is offering free access to its Campus & Event Recruiting management solution in response to the rapidly shifting talent acquisition landscape as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Talent acquisition teams can use these tools for free for 60 days through Sept. 30, 2020.

While many enterprise organizations are likely to put their hiring needs on hold temporarily, others are finding that there’s never been a more urgent need to quickly adapt their hiring processes in order to hire critical talent. For example, hospitals and health systems—many of which were already engaged in fierce competition for clinical professionals and other essential front-line workers—now face skyrocketing demand for registered nurses. Glassdoor’s data reveals that job postings related to the coronavirus outbreak tripled in a single week with “registered nurse” leading the way, while The New York Times reports that the metro’s hospitals are asking retired nurses to come back to work.

In addition, college campuses across the country have suspended classes for the foreseeable future while employers have transitioned to remote work arrangements as much as possible. Thus, it’s not surprising that talent acquisition teams began looking more closely at virtual hiring initiatives last week, including the use of virtual recruiting events.

Be Supportive: When A Company’s Values Mean More Than Ever Before

I know I join a long list of business executives who continue to explore ways their organizations can help others during these unprecedented times. Given the factors outlined above, the decision to extend this offer to the market was an easy one.

It’s also a reflection of our company’s mission and one of GR8 People’s most important values—Be Supportive. In terms of our mission, Jayne Kettles and I founded GR8 People to ensure that talent acquisition teams had the modern tools and technology they need in order to find, engage and hire the very best talent. We exist so that every recruiter who uses our platform can be more efficient and effective, thereby adding value to their organization’s hiring function and, ultimately, the business itself.

And, yet, as I think about who GR8 People is today and how we’ve worked together as an organization—and with our customers—over the past decade, our values provide a strong framework against which we can evaluate all of our business decisions. In this particular case, Be Supportive immediately rose to the top. I recall our leadership team’s most recent strategic planning summit, during which we spent significant time discussing the profound influence Be Supportive has on every aspect of GR8 People. It reminds us to Be Supportive of one another as colleagues. To Be Supportive of our colleagues’ families and other personal priorities. And, of course, it reminds us to Be Supportive of not only our direct customers—for which we are tremendously GR8ful—but the entire talent acquisition profession.

Getting the Most Out of GR8 People’s Campus & Event Recruiting Tools

Our offer of free access includes support in the form of a dedicated customer success representative who will make getting up and running seamless. However, there are three practices that TA teams should follow to achieve the most successful virtual event recruiting outcomes:

1. Re-evaluate your messaging before you begin developing your event promotion communications. The quality of your communications, both before and after a virtual recruiting event, has tremendous influence over your success. Uncertainty is creating high levels of anxiety, and people are on edge. Making a job change is often a very emotional decision in the best of times, so align your messaging accordingly to reflect the mood and information needs that are required in today’s environment.

2. Pre-screen attendees to gather additional candidate information prior to the virtual recruiting event. Moving candidates through the hiring process quickly is just as important today as it was before the global outbreak, if not more so. Pre-screening tools allow you to identify the most qualified, interested and available attendees in advance of the actual event so that you can immediately prioritize candidates for follow-up activities—this will avoid any unnecessary delays in post-event outreach that could result in candidates self-selecting out of the search process because they haven’t heard from you.

3. Leverage self-scheduling functionality. Once you’ve identified the strongest candidates among your pool of virtual recruiting event attendees, offer them the ability to self-schedule a one-on-one phone interview. Just like the practice detailed in #2, self-scheduling technology cuts way down on the delays due to back-and-forth email that is, unfortunately, the norm for scheduling candidate interviews. Effective self-scheduling applications automate the email calendar invitation and confirmation process and, while they’re a time saver for any role, can be particularly useful for high-volume recruiting needs.

It’s possible that we will look back on this time as the milestone that led to a long-lasting shift to virtual recruiting as the norm, especially as more and more members of Gen Z enter the workforce. But regardless of what tomorrow holds, we take comfort in knowing that today GR8 People is here to help. I wish everyone the health, the strength and the support they need to come out on the other side of this better than before.

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