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3 Ways to Keep Your Employee Referral Program Momentum Going With a Dedicated Solution

3 Ways to Keep Your Employee Referral Program Momentum Going With a Dedicated Solution

Among the best sources of exceptional talent, employee referral programs are essential for hiring success particularly given today’s tight labor market. Referred candidates are linked to a range of improved talent acquisition outcomes, from better candidate quality and shorter time to hire to longer tenure and higher engagement, as compared to hires made through other channels.

However, one of the biggest challenges employers face when it comes to their ERP is keeping the momentum going. While automating various program aspects and creating ongoing communications regarding the ERP are key to generating referrals on a consistent basis, an ERP solution that is seamlessly integrated into an enterprise organization’s ATS workflow allows talent acquisition teams to take advantage of features and functionality designed specifically to facilitate the referral process.

As an example, here are just three of the many ways recruiters can leverage the capabilities of a dedicated ERP solution:

1. Assign a “grace” period for referrals of existing candidates within the system. Given the ability for candidates to apply to a job online within minutes, it’s not uncommon that many of the applications an organization receives are from individuals who have existing connections but didn’t think to seek a referral until after the application was submitted.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to designate an applicant as a referral simply because of timing. Establishing a grace period makes it possible for employees to refer great candidates who have already applied, and the grace periods can be set to a specific number of days, accommodating flexibility while encouraging timely referrals.

2. Ensure high visibility of referred candidates within the ATS and your talent CRM. Referred candidates should be immediately identifiable no matter where they are in the pipeline. Details regarding who referred them should remain attached to the individual’s profile as he or she moves through the pipeline from talent community member all the way through to applicant, while a referral icon offers another layer of visibility when applications or profiles are viewed in a list or grid format.

3. Set the system to generate a unique referral URL that current employees can use to share opportunities. The best approach is to generate a unique URL for each employee so that the referral is automatically tied to the associated employee when candidates use their link to apply for the job. This guarantees that employees receive proper credit for their referrals, which increases the likelihood that people will post and share openings across their networks.

Technology plays a crucial role when it comes to extending the value of an employee referral program, and there are many ways that organizations can customize a dedicated ERP solution within a talent platform to better support program goals. Doing so will aid recruiters considerably as they work to connect with top talent and fill pipelines for hard-to-fill roles.

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