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3 GR8 Ways to Move Candidates Through Your Pipeline Faster

3 GR8 Ways to Move Candidates Through Your Pipeline Faster

Before transitioning to my current role as a software training specialist, I worked as a recruiter for more than a decade. So, I understand and appreciate the day-to-day challenges talent acquisition is grappling with, especially when it comes to moving candidates through the pipeline quickly.

With time to fill rates averaging approximately 36 days, finding ways to streamline the hiring process is essential to keeping prospective hires engaged. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to fall short. While surveying candidates for its 2018 North American Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report, the Talent Board found that 29% of respondents reported withdrawing from a recruiting process simply because it took too long.

Numerous factors contribute to today’s lengthy hiring process, and some are more difficult for recruiters to control than others. However, those seeking to move candidates through their pipelines faster can leverage several ATS and CRM functions to improve candidate engagement and, thereby, reduce time to fill. Here’s how:

• Use self-scheduling technology for phone screens and interviews. We all know from personal experience how convenient self-scheduling technology is, whether you’re in need of a tune-up for your car or a dentist appointment. The ability to view and reserve available time slots online allows us to schedule appointments when it fits into our lives as opposed to during standard business hours, which can often be the least convenient time for busy professionals. This same preference holds true for typical recruitment tasks, like phone screens.

From a recruiter perspective, self-scheduling technology can eliminate tedious and repetitive tasks, such as playing phone or email tag by automating the email calendar invitation and confirmation process. Self-scheduling is a time saver for any role, but I find it particularly useful for high-volume roles. In this case, recruiters can use a batch processing function, which sends multiple requests simultaneously. The screener’s availability is automatically updated as candidates select their preferred time slots. Conservatively, let’s estimate it takes approximately five minutes to compose the initial phone screen request and another five minutes, on average, going back and forth to finalize scheduling. A high-volume position might require you to schedule 30 candidates for initial phone screens; using self-scheduling with batch processing can shave off roughly five hours of task work! Plus, you’ll increase the response rate among candidates simply because self-scheduling is more convenient on their end, too.

• Ensure quick and seamless feedback with resume routing. Making it as easy as possible for hiring managers to review resumes and provide feedback is also critical to speeding up the hiring process. Here, I’m referring to core ATS functionality that nudges hiring managers to weigh in on candidates with a simple click of the button. Instead of having to log in to the ATS, the resume routing function allows hiring managers to view candidates, type in a few quick notes, and select either the “yes, move forward” or “no, don’t move forward” button—all via email and, if they prefer, on their mobile device. All activity is automatically captured and tracked in the ATS.

• Keep track of your silver medalists. Given the tremendous demands recruiters face today, it’s not surprising that they continue to rely on job postings and advertising to generate a new candidate slate each time a job is opened. However, we often overlook a valuable resource we already have access to—finalists who weren’t offered the job but came in a close second, or “silver medalists.” Recruiters can take advantage of various ATS and CRM features to organize and nurture relationships with silver medalists. I recommend adding silver medalists to a talent community or applying a tag to their profile, and then using trackable email campaign tools to nurture your relationships with them. Keeping this audience segment engaged can give you a substantial jump on presenting a qualified candidate slate to hiring managers because you’re reaching out to people who are already familiar with—and interested in—your organization.

Being a recruiter today is extremely demanding. While technology alone can’t solve all your challenges, taking advantage of your ATS and CRM functionality to address the factors that often create pipeline delays can make a huge difference in your ability to engage candidates throughout the hiring process and convert them to new hires faster.

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