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Posts tagged for Employer Brand
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Candidate Personas: Your Path to Better Messaging

Candidate personas—borrowed from marketing’s highly successful use of “buyer” or “shopper” personas to drive consumer messaging—represent a picture of your target candidate based on a composite of common and desirable attributes.

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Your Employer Brand: 8 GR8 Things to Focus on in 2019

The year ended with a blowout jobs report – The Bureau of Labor Statistics shared the news that 312,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy in December. Only 184,000 new jobs were anticipated, and stocks surged on the news.

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Rebranding: An exercise in gr8ness for GR8 People

Ensuring that GR8 People's brand reflects and communicates to the world who we are, why we are here and our vision for gr8ness is an integral part of my role in the company. A change for our brand made sense this year.

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4 Lessons Talent Acquisition Teams Can Steal From Marketers

For decades, marketers have been in overdrive to keep up with fast-paced innovations in marketing technology. In the beginning, an impersonal email blast to cold leads might have brought marketers results. However, consumers evolved and so did marketing technology.

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Candidate Relationship Management: When Talent Acquisition Thinks Like a Marketer

Jack Coapman is the Chief Strategy Officer for GR8 People. A change agent, skilled marketer and enterprise technology innovator for talent acquisition, Jack shares how and why Candidate Relationship Management is so transformative and impactful today.