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Posts tagged for Campus Recruiting
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Aligning Your Employer Brand Themes to Gen Z Perspectives

With spring commencement ceremonies winding down, it’s caps off to the roughly 1.9 million students—based on National Center for Education Statistics projections—who will earn a bachelor’s degree in 2019.

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Recruiting Gen Z: 8 GR8 Rules of Attraction

As the oldest members of Gen Z enter the workforce, talent acquisition is shifting attention to the expectations of this cohort and how to shape recruitment marketing messages in response. If you’re wondering where Millennials end and Gen Z begins—and what the transition means for your talent strategy—we’ve got answers.

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Graduate to Self-Scheduling for More Time with Top Talent on Campus

You’re super busy, especially during the demanding campus recruiting season. Whether you have a light schedule of a few events per month, or a jammed-packed, “I cannot even catch my breath” roster, every talent acquisition professional could benefit from more time on their side.

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University Recruiting: 8 GR8 Ways to Win

Career fairs and information sessions remain among the most common ways for students and employers to connect. What’s not so common? The ability to stand out as an employer of choice in the sea of sameness. Here are 8 GR8 ways college and university recruiters can do just that and win.

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How to Win at Campus Recruiting: Get Personal

If you think campus recruiting events no longer yield effective results, think again. I recently shared some advice on how to engage the next generation on campus with a variety of fresh approaches. High-touch strategies, personalization and leveraging your unique employer brand are essential.

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Campus Recruiting: How To Engage The Next Generation

In a former life, I produced and marketed career events throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for a multimedia company. The events were held in places like Major League ballparks and cultural centers, and typically lured thousands of candidates who lined up at the door hours in advance for their best shot at landing a job.