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Talent CRM Content Creation: A Broader View for Recruiting Success

Talent CRM Content Creation: A Broader View for Recruiting Success

Continually creating relevant and meaningful content for your talent CRM doesn’t need to be a challenge. There are a number of internal and external resources just waiting for you to tap into, but only if you think beyond your usual suspects—HR and marketing. While both areas will always serve as important content resources, taking a broader view of where you can source content will help you keep your candidate communications fresh and engaging.

New Sources to Consider

Before we dive into new approaches for how and where to source CRM content for your landing pages, emails and nurturing campaigns, a general guideline to remember is that you should strive for content that is of interest to your talent pipeline but not necessarily available on your public-facing career website. After all, what’s the point of joining a company’s talent network if you’re not getting something different from everyone else?

With that in mind, your next step should be to think about areas of your organization that can support your company’s story as an employer—who your company is and what motivates your people on a daily basis. For example:

  • Look to your company’s subject matter experts (SMEs). What are they reading and listening to? Reach out to them regularly and then share their recommendations on books, articles and podcasts with relevant candidates. Or, ask them what they believe are the top three trends to keep an eye on in the upcoming year to shape content themes.

  • Repurpose and recycle information from your sustainability team. Does your organization produce an annual report or a year in review? The infographics, visuals and content could provide the key stats, interesting facts and compelling stories you seek to share with your audience.

  • Leverage tie-ins to national observances. For example, if you’re a tech company (or one that relies heavily on its technology to provide services) send a Happy ENIAC Day email that highlights your organization’s latest tech breakthroughs, as well as details regarding how your teams are celebrating the day. Extend the value of this content by taking pics of the celebration and use them in your subsequent communications with tech candidates. Plus, using national observances as a springboard for your content ideas offers an opportunity to create an annual calendar and plan your content in advance.

Successfully leveraging a talent CRM requires the ability to generate authentic and relevant content on a continual basis. The trick is to have an open mind when it comes to your sources of content. Once you begin thinking beyond your marketing and HR departments, you’ll be surprised at how many avenues there are to source content of value and interest to your candidates.

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