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Keep Your Recruiting Leads Warm by Keeping Candidates Coming Back for More

Keep Your Recruiting Leads Warm by Keeping Candidates Coming Back for More

One of the keys to getting the most out of your talent CRM is ensuring that you have great content to share on a continual basis. However, it’s equally important to think of strategies for engaging your talent pipeline through the personal interactions and meaningful relationships that translate into hires.

If you’re not used to thinking about innovative ways to keep candidates coming back for more, here are some questions to get you started:

  • Did you recently open a satellite office location? You don’t need to be Amazon in order to make a splash. Once your company is all moved into its new digs, invite those in your pipeline who live in the area to an onsite mix and mingle event. Your recruiters can give attendees a tour and introduce them to key members of the team.

  • Are your organization’s stars speaking at upcoming conferences or industry events or perhaps an event of your own? This is an ideal opportunity to reach out to select top talent you’ve identified to let them know about these “live and in person” (and “exclusive”) engagements. If possible, host an onsite breakfast or happy hour where you can personally introduce candidates to your star speakers.

  • Do current employees give their time to their alma mater? Most college and university career centers offer both undergraduate and graduate students the chance to hone their job search skills through mock interviews and resume reviews with alumni who have volunteered to lend their expertise. Find out who in your organization participates in these events and then text message the students in your talent CRM so that they can make a personal connection with your organization’s volunteers.

  • Speaking of alumni, are you staying in touch with your corporate alumni? Yesterday’s employees are a tremendous resource for tomorrow’s talent. The best way to “boomerang” alumni is to keep them informed and involved. So, if you don’t already have a talent community specifically for your corporate alumni, start nurturing one today. Then, host an annual alumni event that allows members to reconnect with their past (and possibly future!) colleagues. Even if they don’t return to your organization they can be a go-to source of quality referrals and positive word-of-mouth. After all, how you treat all employees, even those who have moved on, is a direct reflection of your employer brand.

Your CRM is a powerful tool for fostering relationships with those in your talent pipeline, but only if you keep them truly engaged with—and invested in—the idea of joining your organization. Focusing on how your talent CRM can be leveraged to build relationships beyond the technology itself can result in much higher candidate conversion rates.

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