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Recruiting Gen Z: 8 GR8 Rules of Attraction

Recruiting Gen Z: 8 GR8 Rules of Attraction

As the oldest members of Gen Z enter the workforce, talent acquisition is shifting attention to the expectations of this cohort and how to shape recruitment marketing messages in response. If you’re wondering where Millennials end and Gen Z begins—and what the transition means for your talent strategy—we’ve got answers.

While sources vary regarding the exact cutoff date between Millennials and Gen Z, the oldest members of Gen Z are now in their early 20s. What is clear is that Gen Z represents the first generation of true digital natives. They have no relation to a world without computers, the internet or mobile devices. Connecting and engaging with them requires distinct messaging and tech-driven approaches, so use our 8 GR8 rules of attraction to get off on the right foot.

1. Don’t just talk. Be relevant. Take time to understand the nuances that drive Gen Z thinking. For example, they’re far more pragmatic than Millennials were at their age, concerned about student debt and focused on what they want out of a career. Let them know you get it by tailoring your messages to their needs and priorities.

2. Feed their interest with snackable content. You have, at most, eight seconds to capture and hold their attention. Brief and direct messaging is your friend in this regard. Think quick company stats, project snapshots and meaningful, yet succinct, employee testimonials.

3. Keep it real. Check the corporate-speak at the door. The fastest way to lose them is to sound formal and impersonal. Use a conversational and friendly tone, and let your employees do the talking to ensure authenticity. Provide members of Gen Z with the insights that matter most: where employees do their work, the projects that employees are working on, and how they collaborate and socialize.

4. Visualize your story. These digital natives don’t want to read boring, lengthy text. They want to understand your organization through videos and pictures. Use brief headlines sparingly in support of key themes, while leaving it to visuals to get your main message across.

5. Demonstrate diversity. Our most racially and ethnically diverse generation, Gen Z expects their employer to embrace diversity as much as they do. This includes people with different backgrounds and perspectives, too. Communicate the ways in which your organization is inclusive and point to initiatives that foster diversity for credibility.

6. Emphasize connections. Don’t lose sight of the fact that Gen Z can’t recall a time without social media and the ability to connect with anyone at anytime. Highlight how your organization encourages connections among employees at all levels and the different ways in which your teams collaborate.

7. Feature growth and development. Gen Z appears more career-focused than the Millennials who came before them, so details about career pathing, mentorship, stretch assignments or a combination of these, need to be front and center.

8. Show off your savvy. Tech-savvy that is. Communicate with Gen Z via text and offer them a career website that works like an app. Always remember that they expect to be able to get things done using their phones. And never, ever show up on campus with a clip board and paper, especially when there’s easy access to technology that supports campus hiring.

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