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How to Win at Campus Recruiting: Get Personal

How to Win at Campus Recruiting: Get Personal

If you think campus recruiting events no longer yield effective results, think again. I recently shared some advice on how to engage the next generation on campus with a variety of fresh approaches. High-touch strategies, personalization and leveraging your unique employer brand are essential. But how can a campus recruiter really provide a more personal experience for students with the help of technology and automation?

First, let’s look at the data. While some recruiters may believe that campus recruiting has lost its luster, news of the strategy’s demise is premature. Ongoing research regarding student job search methods and perspectives by Scott Resource Group (SRG), an independent consulting firm specializing in university relations and recruiting, finds that college students are still very interested in attending campus recruiting events. It’s just that their expectations of the experience have changed.

Given that students can conduct a significant amount of research about an organization’s job opportunities online, what they really want when they attend a campus career fair or event is to “interact in a meaningful way” with recruiters. And when recruiters use technology to streamline various aspects of event management, they can do just that—focus their energies on meaningful conversations and connections with students.

3 Ways Technology Can Support You at Campus Events

Here are three specific ways you can leverage technology so that you’ll have more time to deliver a personal and engaging experience at your next campus recruiting event:

  • Streamline administrative tasks on both sides. Use automated self-scheduling and screening tools prior to the event and allow attendees to quickly and easily upload their resumes and check in to your event with a tablet. No lines here!

  • Proper promotion. Your event strategy should always include personalized landing pages for campus events that include pre-registration functionality. You can schedule automated reminders, too.

  • Follow-up communications. Staying in touch after the event is crucial as many students will be fielding multiple offers. Set up post-event nurture campaigns that keep you top of mind among students as they make one of their most important career decisions.

Of course, it goes without saying that your technology is mobile-friendly for both students and your recruiting teams. In addition, make sure that you have the ability to track and measure your results from each event, and use the data to continually improve your campus recruiting outcomes.

Competition for college graduates is nothing short of fierce today. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, U.S. organizations plan to hire 16.6% more new graduates this year compared to 2018. A strong campus presence supported by the right tools and technology will help you deliver that meaningful interaction and, as such, engage and nurture the next generation’s best and brightest.

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