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Eureka! Native AI-Empowered Recruiting is Here

Eureka! Native AI-Empowered Recruiting is Here

EUREKA! is GR8 People’s answer to a more intelligent way to connect with talent through AI, machine learning and automation. We asked Chris Cella, GR8 People’s vice president of product, to describe how EUREKA! came to be, how it works and why it’s different.

What inspired the development of EUREKA! by GR8 People?

Every day the demand on recruiters to produce more in less time intensifies. EUREKA! is the result of a team of GR8 People builders continuously working closely with our customers to evolve our platform in response to their biggest hiring challenges. We wanted to help reduce the amount of time spent across many of the most time-consuming steps in the hiring process while significantly improving performance outcomes.

Our customers care about speed, quality, compliance and candidate experience. However, recruiters today are often overwhelmed by requisitions, a lack of available talent and too many low-value, time-consuming but required tasks.

EUREKA! was built to solve these challenges in a number of ways including:
Reduces the time recruiters spend reviewing irrelevant applications by automatically providing refreshed listings of quality candidates matched against specific job openings
Uncovers hidden, in-demand talent with highly specific skills and begins to immediately engage them
Automates and personalizes candidate communications to ensure active and passive candidates are nurtured and engaged with tailored job opportunities
Shortens time to fill, reduces turnover and increases employee engagement—all because current employees receive automated communications about their specific internal mobility opportunities

Can you describe how EUREKA! works?

Leveraging the best available matching technologies, EUREKA! begins its work as soon as a recruiter opens a job, immediately identifying and automatically engaging the best talent for a role. The net outcome is a constantly filled pipeline of highly matched talent for every job, and smart, automatic engagement of high potential job seekers. Integrating these tools into the GR8 People talent platform as core concepts offers added value not natively available through other full-stack providers.

How is EUREKA! different from other AI and machine learning hiring tools being introduced to the market on an almost daily basis?

One of the biggest differences is that most of these tools are point solutions, which means they need to be layered over enterprise recruiting software. Often, this results in challenges with data integrity and integration maintenance, as well as ongoing costs associated with per-match fee structures or profile limitations. EUREKA! is native to the GR8 People one-experience talent platform, so you get all the same benefits associated with current point solutions without the headaches.

Also, because we built EUREKA! from the ground up—as opposed to using an AI “black box” for automation, which makes it impossible to “see” exactly how matches are made—there’s a high level of transparency and control over the matching technology. Or, another way of putting this is that we’ve paired machine learning with recruiter oversight and the ability to refine search criteria for the best possible results.

There are other distinctions as well, but I see these as the most significant and our initial beta customers agree. We’re incredibly excited about the impact EUREKA! will have on talent acquisition for speed, accuracy, engagement and hiring outcomes.

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