When It’s Time to Say “Uncle” to Your Recruiting Technology

When It’s Time to Say “Uncle” to Your Recruiting Technology

In the wonderful world we live, many of us believe most things are possible. Possibility is part of the American psyche. It is one of the reasons we get out of bed in the morning. However, there will always be some things in life that unfortunately, do not go in our favor. Let’s face it, the moment you are told by your vendor that they have decided to ‘retire’, ‘sunset’, ‘discontinue’, or wait for it, ‘have a new upgrade coming shortly’ for your current already out-of-date platform – can be frustrating, disruptive, costly and result in a big competitive disadvantage. Your head may spin at the thought. Your normal questions and concerns may somehow escape. But sooner or later, you must ask yourself the question “is it time to say Uncle?”

It would be hard to envision a normal, rational HR executive replacing their existing “end-of-life” recruiting technology without an examination of alternatives. Yet, too often, we rely on the biased input of our legacy vendors in choosing replacement options – usually because they offer you something else ‘they have’ in hopes of not losing your business. Or ‘throwing-in’ recruiting as part of a larger HCM purchase.

End-of-Product Life Misconceptions

Within the market today numerous vendors are discontinuing support for older, outdated recruiting solutions. Often, we see willingness from end-users to accept technology End-of-Life options as an opportunity to move to a more modern, best-in-class innovative solution geared toward today’s best practices. In most cases, vendors will often offer an alternative in the form of an “upgrade path” or one that has come with a ‘coupled’ HR technology purchase where recruiting is ‘included’ and viewed as equivalent to what they have today.

Too frequently, that upgrade path is actually a “reimplementation” to the vendor’s newest product acquisition, or re-engineered architectural platform, or an “integrated suite” of capabilities that require (…surprise, surprise) signing a contract extension, long delays of implementation and many times ‘less product’ than what you previously had.

It’s heartening to witness the allegiance expressed by HR departments for the recruiting software that they’ve used for years. Or perhaps it is fear of the unknown, or lack of resources, specifically time and money, within the HR organization that makes it easier to simply keep plugging away with the soon to be discontinued technology.

The Reality of When it’s Time to “Say Uncle”

It’s a known fact that products eventually reach their natural end of life for various reasons, including new and better technologies becoming available and marketplace changes. This is part of any technology product’s lifecycle, but this does not mean that you have to accept the vendor’s replacement solution.

So let’s talk about what really happens in this transition that the vendor states as “doing what’s right for the customer.” Changing to the new platform will inevitably result in major disruption to the normal course of business as resources are directed away from activities that are actually driving the business forward.

Examples of induced pain from end-of-life recruiting software include:

  • Larger than expected reimplementation project for nominal new, or less, functionality
  • Expensive integration efforts break due to upgrades or system changes
  • Lengthy ‘get in line’ (measured in months & years) implementations with continual delays

The Real Winner?

Your competition. With competition for talent at an all-time high, hiring organizations are looking for more effective ways to source, engage, hire and collaborate seamlessly. Achieving this brings numerous challenges – fragmented data, older systems, disconnected communications, and siloed point-solutions. It has been difficult for talent acquisition leaders to take innovative steps forward, when they waste valuable time piecing together solutions that weren’t designed to work together in the first place.

Talent is the world’s most valuable resource and leaders who ‘get it’ and elevate its strategic importance with the best recruiting technology will be the winners.

Time to say Uncle?

In today’s fast changing business environment, the recruiting platform that’s right for your organization today may well be different than the one that served your organization in days gone by. If you are in this situation – being told you have to re-implement, or that your technology is on its ‘last-leg’ – shouldn’t you take the time to find the best solution available today?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your current solution built with the user in mind – can you truly have it your way with powerful workflows, self-service and friendly usability?
  • Talent Acquisition is a very sophisticated business. Does your vendor offer sourcing, CRM, ATS, Recruitment Marketing and Collaboration in one solution? If you don’t need all of this today – is it configurable to use what you need and grow into the platform as your needs change overtime?
  • Will your vendor offer a Proof-of-Value guarantee where implementation costs and timelines are guaranteed?

If “Uncle, I Quit” has become your reality – here’s a talent platform you may want to explore.

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