Nurturing Tomorrow’s Stars

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Stars

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Stars

Congratulations! You did it! You finally jumped in with both feet and implemented a Candidate Relationship Marketing Platform. You’ve got pipelines and communities; you have lots of interested leads, and you have no idea what to do with them. Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Many of the leads in your CRM may not be qualified for the positions you are looking to fill today. Although they may not have the right experience, or enough experience, they do have an interest in your organization – and sometimes that’s half the battle. How do you capitalize on that interest and those Leads who are in the early stages of their career? How do you ensure that as these Leads attain more experience, learn more skills, and become a stronger candidate – that you can leverage this interest they have expressed in your organization?


A comprehensive recruitment marketing strategy will include nurture campaigns that create and build a relationship with Leads as a part of planning for tomorrow’s stars. Ensure your organization stays ‘top of mind’ with these Leads as they continue to grow in their career path – so when the time is right, for both of you, there is a foundation to build upon.

Take advantage of these gr8 ideas to nurture your future stars:

Company News & Events

Share the news, spread the joy, and make sure everyone knows what awesome things you are doing at your organization. You have an Engineering talent community and your Engineering team was just recognized by a professional organization for outstanding work? Take advantage of these team accomplishments and share them with your Leads.

Employee Stories

Profile employees and share their story. How did they end up at your company? What path did they take? What cool things are they doing as a part of your team? What advice do they have? This not only provides insight into their career path, but also provides an opportunity for you to get Leads excited about the potential to work in your organization.


Participating in a local career fair? Exhibiting at a community event? Company-sponsored activities? Get the word out! Let them know where you’ll be – invite them to stop by and say hello. You may be sweating it out at the local farm fair, but what a great opportunity to talk to potential candidates in a low stress environment. If you are going to be there, you might as well enjoy a good conversation over a corn dog!

Community Service

It’s human nature to want to help others. Candidates love to see that companies not only encourage their employees to volunteer in the community, but many are reaping the benefits of rewarding employees for their good deeds. Leverage your nurture campaigns to let Leads know about all the volunteer opportunities your company sponsors and the impact it’s making to the community.

Candidates & Customers

Are your candidates also your customers? There are many industries where this rings true – and what better way to promote your organization as a great employer, than to encourage a great customer experience for these potential hires? Send a coupon, share a promo code, invite in for a ‘tour’ of the warehouse/new facility/product launch. Incentives to be a customer can lead to incentives to be a candidate – and vice versa.

You can’t do this in a bubble - gathering this information will require team work with other departments. The end result is a more engaged community of Leads, with a higher potential to think of your company as a future employer. The name of the game is staying ‘top of mind’ so that in a year or two, or three or four, when that Lead now has a significant amount more experience and is a better fit for your needs, they will have a strong foundation, and some good vibes, about your organization.