Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Recruiting Robotics

Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Recruiting Robotics

Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Recruiting Robotics

Over the past couple of months, gr8 People has been busy. We are coming off a great 2016 and are now hitting the ground running in 2017! There are so many gr8 and exciting things to be said about the trends emerging in the Talent Acquisition space. In fact, we feel that all of the components involved in the recruiter and candidate experience are important to highlight. Typically, gr8 People showcases all things recruiting (from source to onboard and everything in-between), hence our “One-Experience” Talent Platform. This year, in addition, we wanted to highlight and extend our innovative thinking surrounding automation. We want to focus your attention on something that can weave throughout the important elements of the hiring process, and something that can make the lives of recruiters a little easier - or should I say…a lot easier. Recruiting Robotics.

Robotics and automation are terms that might not sit well with some. Maybe your thought is that machines will take over your job, or that you could never imagine having potential candidates communicate with a “robot” instead of a real person. Maybe you’re picturing those phone calls you get where an automated voice starts talking and you immediately hang up. gr8 People sees robotic process automation as quite the opposite. In fact, we embrace everything robotics has to offer and believe that it’s the next big thing in this era of digital advancement. Recruiting robotics are not intended to relieve anyone of their jobs- they are relieving workers of repetitive, low value tasks that eat up their time. Aka, time they can should be spending with quality, interested candidates. Now, you might be wondering “What activities and processes are best suited for automation?” or, “How can this stuff make my life easier?” Well, we’re here to answer that. Here are our top 5 reasons why recruiting robotics will make your life easier:

  1. Time saving. Recruiting robotics can greatly impact recruiter efficiency. For example, recruiters spend a large majority of their day sourcing candidates. By automating top of funnel processes, recruiters gain back time that can now be used for true productivity. Think of tasks such as screening applicants, collaborating with candidates, and self-schedule phone screens. Next steps in the hiring process can easily be automated to help recruiters save valuable time.

  2. Improve quality of hire. Recruiters can set up pre-hire assessments to help identify qualified candidates early in the process. With the right questions in place, automated assessments can help determine whether a candidate will fit company culture.

  3. Enhance candidate experience. Recruiting robotics can offer recruiters a consistent method of outreach to nurture inactive candidates. It can be as simple as creating interesting and engaging campaigns to strategically schedule out in order to maintain high levels of engagement with active and passive candidates. Recruiters can feel confident that they are continuously nurturing candidates in a way that feels personal and sincere, even when they are focused on other tasks.

  4. Insights and analytics. Recruiting robotics can take a snapshot of the entire recruiting process and help recruiters determine areas of success and improvement. They can collect real-time data so recruiters can examine conversion rates, time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and much more right from their desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

  5. Automation 24/7. Recruiting robotics don’t take a break. When recruiters leave the office for the day, they can go home rest assured that they’re still on the hunt for the best talent. Automating certain processes and tasks allow recruiters to focus on what they do best- interacting with and hiring the best talent. While recruiting robotics are always working, recruiters can remove low-value tasks that would normally take up unnecessary time.

While this is just a short list of the many benefits that come from recruiting robotics, it’s evident that the standard in which we recruit today is changing. There will always be a growing number of activities, processes and candidates. Automation is an invaluable tool for helping recruiters manage the tasks associated with each step of the recruiting process.

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