Keeping Your Talent Pipeline Pressurized



It never occurred to me that my job in recruiting technology and my husband’s in critical infrastructure security would cross paths. But it has. Kind of. I spend most of my day thinking and talking about talent pipelines, hiring processes, and onboarding strategies. While my husband, on the other hand, is more concerned with ensuring the safety of the people and environment associated with thousands of miles of natural gas pipeline. We’re both concerned with keeping a pipeline functioning smoothly.

Many companies build Talent Pipelines through the use of talent communities, talent networks, and other methods of capturing basic information for the ‘not quite ready to apply’ crowd. Once the talent is in the pipeline, what are you doing to keep it moving? We all know that the hope is that one day you will be able to leverage this talent when the timing is right for both of you and move them to the ‘final destination’, i.e., engage them to an open/active job and ultimately hire them. When that time comes, will you know who is ready to make a move? Who is interested and available? Are you actively engaging with the talent in your pipeline to allow the proper flow?

Ensure a proper flow

On a natural gas pipeline, it’s necessary to have compressor stations every 40-100 miles. These stations perform the essential task of pressurizing the gas as it travels through the pipeline, allowing the gas to continue flowing through the pipe and eventually to its final destination for distribution to refineries and other end users.

With your talent pipeline, it’s essential you build a relationship with your talent to not only stay ‘top of mind’, but also to engage with each, to better understand their individual story and interests. When building out your sourcing strategy, it’s not enough to just get talent in to your pipeline, you must continue to advance your pipeline to keep it active and productive. You can do this by ensuring you have workflows that include activities to move the talent through the pipe; otherwise, talent will become stagnant and fall off.

Campaigning to your talent is an excellent way to share information regarding your organization, news, events and, of course, jobs. But, it’s also a great way to engage with your talent to gather additional information and further your relationship. Ask for an update, gauge their level of interest, confirm availability, and continue the conversation so they know that you are still interested and listening. Your campaign tools should drive the talent to the appropriate landing pages or questionnaires so you can continue to build out a comprehensive talent profile. Leveraging both email and social media campaigns allows you to extend your reach for the biggest impact. A campaign offers little value if you can’t measure the success; all metrics from opens to click-throughs, to conversion and delivery rates should be readily available.

You can further engage your talent with activities. How much time do you waste trying to set up phone calls? How great would it be if you could invite your talent to schedule a call with one of your interviewers and avoid phone tag all together? With the right tools, you can automate much of this process to keep your talent flowing through the pipeline, freeing up your recruiters and sourcers for more high value interactions with candidates.

Deliver to its Final Destination

Just like a natural gas pipeline, the talent in your pipeline is there for a reason. A pipeline left unattended does not produce results; in order to be successful you must engage, entice and energize your talent until they have reached their final destination!