How to Attract Gold Medalists

The 2016 Summer Olympics are underway and, like every 2 years, it’s exciting to see the undeniable talent from all the athletes. Sure, we all love watching the different events (some more than others), but really, we’re paying attention to the athletes that are at the top of the medal stands; the gold medalists… the top talent.

Comparably, we’re doing the same thing on a day to day basis in the world of recruiting. I mean, that’s the goal, right? To find and hire the best talent. That being said, the Olympics can teach us a great deal about recruiting. With the right technology and process in place, you can be on your way to finding those gold medalists.

1. Make a gr8 Experience with your Employer brand

It’s easy to see that the Olympic Organizing Committee does a fantastic job promoting the games, creating team and individual athlete stories and building the overall brand image. They do such an incredible job of curating a sense of energy, achievement, unity, nationalism, celebration… the list goes on. The best athletes from across the globe are attracted to compete in the games largely based on the reputation and prestige that the Olympic Story has built. When we take all this into consideration as recruiting professionals, there is a tremendous opportunity for us to create this unique and engaging experience for candidates. Career centers, apply process, landing pages, marketing techniques, email campaigns… they all matter when creating your employer brand and can set you apart from the ordinary. With an Olympic-level employer brand, it’s possible to attract gold medalists through creative content and an innovative platform for delivery.

2. Don’t forget about the Silver and Bronze

As a recruiter, of course we want to find and hire the very best. We all want the Michael Phelps of the talent pool… no pun intended. But, let’s not forget about the Silver medalists out there, and even the Bronze medalists. While one candidate might be the perfect fit for a specific job, you might have a runner up that would be great for a different position. Silver and Bronze medalists can remain in your talent pool and continue to build their skills until an opportunity comes up that is a better fit. In addition, recruiting robotic automation tools can help keep these candidates nurtured and engaged as well as continuously sourcing, screening, automating and feeding your top of funnel, freeing you to spend quality time with quality candidates.

3. Teamwork: Collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work. While there are both team and individual sporting events in the Olympics, the camaraderie between the athletes is undeniable. Let’s take the women’s U.S. gymnastics team, “The Final Five”, for instance. They won gymnastics gold together and still cheer for each other in individual events, even when they are competing against each other. It’s evident that they are a true, cohesive team and that is a key element to what put them on top. We as recruiters need to emulate and embrace the team theme in order to drive talent engagement and overall success. Utilizing a built-in collaboration feature in your recruiting platform can help recruiters share content, gather ideas, interact with partners, offer feedback, and deliver meaningful results. In order to drive the best possible results, recruiting teams should be able to openly share and communicate important information throughout the entire recruiting continuum.

4. Dedication Brings Results

With the right mind set, anything is possible. Think about the countless hours of practice and dedication Olympic athletes have endured to have the opportunity to compete. That dedication and “student of the game” approach is something that we can apply to our everyday recruiting activities and careers. With the right mindset, process, dedication, and talent acquisition platform you will see results and reach your talent goals.

Competing in the Olympics isn’t easy, and neither is recruiting. We’ve all experienced the challenge of trying to fill a requisition where the candidate gets another offer, falls off in the apply process, loses interest, whatever it may be. So, while you’re watching the events, think of all the ways that the Olympic approach to recruiting can elevate your chances of finding and hiring top talent. With true dedication to your recruiting process and the right approach to finding and hiring the best, Gold medalists will be easily within your reach.