Let's Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Let's Create a Positive Candidate Experience

The Candidate Experience remains a hot topic for global talent acquisition leaders. Whether attracting and hiring talent directly for an employer, or an RPO doing it for a client, we hear an awful lot from employers we talk to about providing a world class candidate experience. Did you know 42% of job applicants who had a negative candidate experience say they would never apply to that company again? And that’s not all. 78% say they would share their bad candidate experience with their network. 34% of candidates would even publicly share their negative experience on social media for the entire world to see and let’s not even begin to think about the Glassdoor exposure!

No Brainer… It’s a Candidate’s World

We are at a tipping point in this talent economy-where the Millennial and Gen X generations have outgrown the Baby Boomer and Silent generations. The new job seeker has a different value set when it comes to seeking their next career opportunity. Gone are the days of the ‘straight-line approach’ to hiring where we opened a requisition, scheduled a few interviews and found the perfect match – our road to recruiting is anything but straight.

Today’s jobseeker is turning to the multitude of social outlets to understand your company – your brand, your employment value proposition, your culture, and the opportunities you present. And, if you don’t control, or at least contribute to this conversation, they will look elsewhere for the “perfect perceived match”…and it won’t include your company. Additionally, the job search process has undergone a “consumerization” wave. Job seeker expectations run high in providing the insight they are seeking, when they want it, and delivering it through whatever device they desire.

And this same focus on the “candidate-experience” continues through their entire engagement with your company. You must optimize every engagement touchpoint, in a personalized manner, to fulfill “cultural” expectations.

Communicate your Story

Give Candidates an Experience

We all know a positive candidate experience can do wonders for an employer brand. On the other hand, a negative experience can do the same damage. The best way to give a candidate a great experience is to make the process about them and their search. We all share an expectation of simple, easy interactions with technology and each other. Creating a happy candidate experience with communication, regard, and respect to attract and retain top performers is paramount to creating an intuitive experience. This isn’t just about a nice looking career center, but rather a holistic approach to enhancing every interaction you have with the candidate community. From the way you set up talent portals, to the creative ways you market to talent, to the ultra-simplified apply process and how to easily express interest in a job on desktops, tablets or mobile devices — investing in a more candidate-centric approach is critical to your success.

Make it Easy

Give an alternative to applying for a job

Organizations make significant investments to assure they are finding, engaging and hiring the best talent. In your efforts to hire the best, don’t make the experience awful. Applicants run into a slew of problems trying to apply: they can’t navigate or understand application instructions, the site is not mobile-optimized, they have to fill out long forms, or have to put jobs in shopping carts…really? Even if they’re not ready to apply – let’s give them alternatives like joining a talent community to stay up on the latest news, receive new job alerts and interact with the recruiting team. It is imperative when creating this process that you provide simple, clear avenues for job seekers to learn about you and insight curiosity and excitement.

Have a Conversation

Give Candidates a Voice

According to The Talent Board and its annual Candidate Experience Research Report, only 40% of employers require their teams to respond to candidates. Early in the process candidates want acknowledgement that they are being considered for a position, and then look for transparency of where they stand. Nothing is more disheartening than spending time creating a thoughtful resume, filling out the application only to never hear back. When we think of candidate communication let’s view the experience as ‘closing the loop’. As the candidate moves through the process they should receive an appropriate reaction at each point in the process. Whether it is customized or automated, candidates want to be heard and know that their candidacy and strengths were fairly considered. They also want closure when the process ends. This thought process enables what will happen next in the process, and therefore keep that interest level up.

Make the Candidate Experience More than a Buzzword

Give Recruiters the Power to Create the Positive Journey

As successful recruiter’s we need to take a walk in our candidate’s shoes. The need for increased communication, transparency, and accountability later coupled with “personalization, services, and support” for candidates is paramount. The top five types of content candidates said they are interested in are:

  • Values
  • Product/Services Information
  • Employee Testimonials
  • Answers to Why People Want to Work Here
  • Answers to Why People Stay Here

You career site shouldn’t just deliver this information, but should do it in a way that is relevant to the candidate and provides value to their overall experience.

Use Simple Technology to Make it all Happen

Now what is also critical to creating this experience for candidates is utilizing the right recruiting technology that will allow you to not only display content, but give your team the ability to create the entire look and feel consistently with your company’s brand, whenever you want and at no extra costs. You can quickly build and fully customize your own social media campaign from the ground up making it easier than ever to harness the power of social media. Here are a few of the things that the right technology can provide:

1. Boost Visitors: With a self-service platform to create dynamic career portals and landing pages for specific regions, job categories and targeted marketing campaigns. Automated job distribution tools and powerful search capabilities.

2. Engage with Passive Talent: Create pre-need talent communities, job alerts or utilize gr8 job links to automatically generate a unique, trackable link enabling recruiters to capture source, clicks and views. In addition, nurture talent with branded emails with opportunities that match candidates’ specific search criteria.

3. Transform Visitors in Fans: Since gr8 People also has an ATS, the process can be seamless. But if you already have an ATS, we can integrate directly as well. From beautiful candidate experiences, to mobile responsive, gr8 People allows the company brand to shine across all talent touchpoints to decrease drop-offs and increase conversions.

4. Create the Best Experience: Candidate happiness begins with an ultra-simplified apply process and a candidate journey that keeps them engaged and interested. With just a click, candidates can easily apply to express interest on desktops, tablets or mobile devices. Offer additional delight with videos, two-way communication, and easy next step progressions. Your team can design remarkable brand-centric career site experiences to drive engagement and maximize conversion.

The gr8 People Platform provides recruiters with the tools to create a positive candidate experience. One where you can strengthen your marketing efforts with personalized content to deliver meaningful messages. Improve the entire candidate experience from campaigns, referrals, talent communities and social networks to ensure that the right person, with the right skills, makes it to your recruiting team - at the right time.