Recruitment Marketing Should Not Stand Alone

Recruitment Marketing Should Not Stand Alone

The current focus on the candidate experience is a beautiful thing for both employers and candidates. Any time employers put candidates first, good things happen.

In support of this, employers are focusing more than ever on Employment Branding, Recruitment Marketing, and CRM to engage candidates, provide a personalized experience, and develop “relationships”. The analogies between B2C and B2B branding, marketing, and relationship management are bountiful.

Buyers of everything from consumer electronics to cars to enterprise level software are digging in and doing research before engaging with their short lists of brands. Candidates are doing the same thing. They talk to existing employees. Search and find people they know via LinkedIn. Browse reviews on Glassdoor. The talent acquisition industry is responding with tech that helps employers get their brand – voice – content - out in front of the candidate before they engage.

Just as consumers have demanded a better experience with the brands they choose to engage with, candidates are demanding the same. Candidates want to be heard. They want communication in return. They want closure. And, they want their interviewing experience to be relevant for them individually as well as to the work they are exploring with the employer. The talent acquisition industry is again responding with tech that helps monitor levels of engagement, select appropriate assessment and interview tracks, predict results, and then build and manage a relationship.

There’s one big problem. The analogies work at a high level, but not when you get on the ground with talent acquisition leaders, sourcers, and recruiters that use the stuff.

Candidates are making life decisions. They’re not buying tablets, cars, or software. Nowhere is it more important to have one seamless experience and good data for any brand than during the recruiting process at all phases.

Don’t get us wrong, all this tech is a good thing. In fact, we provide all of these capabilities, too. And, we’re working on more.

We’re beyond the days where employers should have to cobble together 15 point solutions with shaky integration – if integrated at all – to do a decent job recruiting. The industry needs a platform that is truly extensible. One that was built with the experience of the candidate AND the talent acquisition professionals in mind. One with a beautiful interface and a beautiful candidate experience.

That’s why, and how, we built gr8people. The all-in-one platform that gives enterprise employers an unfair advantage in recruiting. Learn more in the 2015 Guide To An Unfair Recruiting Advantage, here.