Everyone likes a “pat on the back” every once in a while. As an employee, it’s what keeps us going in the tough times-the recognition that you are doing a good job and it is recognized by others. As a vendor of recruitment technology - it’s what makes those long days worthwhile.

So over the past few weeks we have ‘hit the road’ sharing our new platform and vision with the marketplace. We have received excellent feedback and no shameless promotion here – stellar reviews from many of today’s leading analysts and pundits.

HR Tech Advisor

Ward Christman saw the platform last week - “Really good briefing this past week from your team, gr8 People is off to a great start to achieve your vision of a newly re-imagined platform that can deliver on what new age recruiters are wanting. The work you've done for the RPO space has helped you create a workflow engine that is not only super flexible but also nicely compartmentalized, allowing users to craft, with relative ease, "personalized” experiences for different types of candidates”.

“I also like the “watercooler” type collaborative dashboard that is not only like a Facebook feed for those internal to the company, but also for candidates to stay abreast of their activity with the firm, and to catch news bites being pushed their way. This will certainly help engage candidates regardless of their stage in the hiring pipeline and provide them with a sense of community that rarely happens in most platforms or tools designed to help employers build talent networks. It was also smart to recognize that buyers might have other systems to phase out over time by offering them your platform in components or modules.”

In conclusion, “If you are a forward thinking recruitment leader with a passion for excellence, who is looking for a potential partner with whom you want to architect solutions, be sure to check out gr8 People.... you’ll be glad you did.”

Leading Independent Analysts & Firms

Additional firms weighed in on the Recruiting Platform with comments such as:

  • I have seen many vendors and no one has come to market with a true ‘platform’ for talent acquisition.
  • I love the watercooler - this has huge potential for recruiting and recruiters.
  • This platform is phenomenal, I’m doing back flips.
  • The multi-tenant and workflow engine is so powerful – a big move for the market.

A gr8 couple weeks - A huge thank you to those that have spent time with us over the last month! For some, this might be enough… but if you know us personally, you know that we are not done. We will keep creating solutions that deliver significant value to corporations - all within a single platform. That’s our promise.