Back, far back, in the mists of time when recruiting technology was very young, there was a solution called the applicant tracking system. This “ATS” did everything a recruiter needed it to do. It was a real superhero to help find and hire talent. The skies were always clear and sunny - all was good in the land of recruiting…and all loved their ATS.

But then things changed! People looking for positions were plentiful, but the battle for skill specific talent - the A-players - was raging. As recruiter needs continued to shift, talent acquisition became more like marketing every day. The ATS system loved yesterday, became the system we despised. Recruiting teams needed to hone their marketing and communication skills to attract and engage top talent and those ATS systems just were not able to do what was needed.

With these changes, brought a new wave of innovation... and it was good. . But as innovation took shape, the land of recruiting got very crowded - new companies came from near and far to show recruiters their promising inventions. The ATS platforms of old were now getting company. Candidate relationship management tools front-ended the ATS. Social and mobile tools were leaned against the ATS. And profile search, video interview, referral and reference tools were hinged into the ATS. The land of recruiting cheered in the possibilities. The skies were mixed, but exciting - all was changing in the land of recruiting.

For recruiters, the cheering quickly turned to confusion… Which tool should I use? Where is all my information? Why are there so many and why separate? …they exclaimed…it seemed like overnight the skies became cloudy and rainy - all was quite confusing in the land of recruiting. As time passed, more and more things became added, hiring managers exclaimed their frustration, executives voiced their displeasure, and the poor old ATS was no longer loved by every recruiter in the land. In fact, many felt it became their kryptonite – too many separate solutions, contracts and upgrade schedules to manage; fragmented data, older systems, and multiple integrations which created gaps and workarounds where valuable data and recruiter performance was lost – the ATS was in serious trouble.

Long ago Recruiting Software did everything a recruiter needed it to do. But today’s “everything” has higher expectations…Sourcing, CRM, Marketing, Collaboration, Social, Mobile and Global are at the forefront––all agreed there needed to be a better way in the land of recruiting.

In order to find a better way in the land of recruiting - it was time for a new generation, or new category of software to surface. This ‘new way’ had been written about by analysts, on recruiter wish-lists and blogs around the world — could someone “reimagine” the recruiting process, bring together the required capabilities, and create ONE, MODERN platform that combines sourcing, CRM, marketing, recruiting, collaboration, social, mobile and global for today’s talent-powered enterprise.

So long “Applicant Tracking System” – Hello “Collaborative Recruiting Platform”

gr8 People has introduced a new market and category that has taken recruiting systems outside the accepted boundaries and ‘how we have always done it’ ways, to one that is ‘collaborative’, meaning that users, partners and technology work together in one fluid recruiting environment.

Today gr8 People offers the First All-in-One Collaborative Recruiting Platform. A Platform where recruiters cultivate, collaborate, engage and hire in a single solution, weaving world-wide collaboration into its everyday fabric. A platform that will cross workforces, nations and time zones. A platform that has no boundaries, or silos between solutions — creating a fluid recruiting environment of continuous communication, flexibility, and agility where- “all is gr8” in the land of recruiting again.